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Storm Damage Restoration Services Atlanta
Property Restoration From Damages Due To;
Wind Damage, Hail Damage, Tornado Damage, Storm Damage

storm and wind damage restoration pictureWind, Hail and Storm Damage Restoration in Atlanta

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas on your house and wind and hail can have a devastating effect here. It can also shatter windows, tear off or leave dents and holes in your siding. Chateau Restoration can work to with you and your insurance company to return your home or property to it's original condition.


Effects of Hail

The protective coating on composition shingles is the granular surface. When hail (3/4" to 2") strikes a composition shingle it damages this protective surface, and in some cases the asphalt coating, as well as the glass mat. Wood shingles and wood shakes are punctured and or split and metal accessories are dented. Skylights, A/C vents, siding, windows, window beads, and screens are generally damaged as well.


Effects of Wind

storm and hail damage restoration pictureAsphalt shingles are manufactured with a seal tab. This tab can become broken during high winds. The damage that may exist could be displaced shingles, seal tabs lifted, and flying debris could gouge the roof surface. If any of these wind effects have occurred, you may be due a complete new roof replacement. Let a professional check your roof!


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