Did you know that over 60 million mold spores can be found in an area the size of a postage stamp?  Don’t worry, as a General Contractor well versed with the importance of mold removal, we can always call in our Indoor Environmental Hygienist specialists if the need presents itself.  We can also have mold samples tested to determine the exact nature of the fungi.

Don’t Wait Too Long Before Seeking Help…

Sometimes when you experience a fire, water damage, or other storm-related property damage, you may find that during the insurance claims process, you need the assistance of a professional. This might be for several reasons:  1) you’re too busy to handle the claim yourself, 2) the issues are complex and you need help understanding why the Insurance Company and the Adjuster are responding a certain way, 3) you feel like you are being mistreated with the calculation of the cost of repairs, and so on.

Whatever the issue may be, it’s a smart idea to bring in the right professional to help you, and be prepared to pay a fair market price for that assistance.  We have connections in all the professional fields, and can happily refer you if necessary.  Lastly, the good news is that sometimes the help of professionals is covered by your insurance policy.  So all in all… If you feel like you are getting in over your head… Seek Help.