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Accurately reporting data on a personal property claim is a big deal…

It is often rightly said that one of the trickiest parts of property insurance claims is the contents portion of the claims. Even if you, the insured, save receipts to prove the age and cost of your personal property, those receipts are probably stored in the same general place as your personal property and thus will suffer the same fate in the event of a catastrophe.  This should not be.  Plan ahead.  Store all pertinent receipts of your valuables in a fire proof safe.

Additionally, policy holders are often left to estimate the age and costs of your personal property. This leads to a great deal of disagreement and possible litigation between policyholders and their insurance carrier. The bottom line is this:  When presenting a claim for contents damage or theft, it is absolutely imperative that the claim be accurate and verifiable. And it is far better to leave questionable items OUT of a claim than to face an allegation of fraud.  Be honest, thorough, detailed, and forthright.

Charges for additional damage could result from incomplete or ineffective mitigation procedures

If the damage to your home is not properly mitigated with approved industry standard techniques and practices, additional property damage and subsequent charges could result from this neglect.  Individuals who are not properly certified to repair your home simply lack the necessary skills that are needed to do what’s right.  It’s easy to overlook the small details, but quite costly.

It’s really that simple.   If you call on us, you won’t have this problem.  Along with providing a complete turn-key service from start to finish, we also offer professional advice and guidance all along the way.  It is our goal to not only engage you with the highest level of professionalism but also to handle your job requirements with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Call us now at 770-591-7083.  Or if it’s an after-hours emergency call 1-888-YOUR-911, which is our 24/7 hotline.

The unexpected effects of smoke…

There are unexpected effects of smoke damage after any size fire, and this is the main reason that a professional technician needs to identify the affected areas immediately. Our trained and experienced experts know that just because an area of your property was not touched by the fire, it can still have long-term problems from the smoke if it’s not treated properly.

After the smoke clears…

Our work has only just begun.  You will find that sifting through the aftermath of a fire is a difficult, time-consuming, and personally daunting ordeal.  What makes this particularly challenging is that it is often quite difficult to determine what is salvageable and what is not. There are, of course, limitations on what you can and should do, and it is proper to receive professional guidance through this process.

Smoke and soot damage takes a toll.  It damages not just your contents, but also the structure as well.  Keeping in mind the fact that there is never an unlimited amount of insurance money to work with, you want to be thoughtful in how it is spent.  Once again, this is where professional, personalized guidance is quite valuable.  We can help you in every aspect of your loss, just ask.
(770) 591-7083.


Did you know that over 60 million mold spores can be found in an area the size of a postage stamp?  Don’t worry, as a General Contractor well versed with the importance of mold removal, we can always call in our Indoor Environmental Hygienist specialists if the need presents itself.  We can also have mold samples tested to determine the exact nature of the fungi.

Don’t Wait Too Long Before Seeking Help…

Sometimes when you experience a fire, water damage, or other storm-related property damage, you may find that during the insurance claims process, you need the assistance of a professional. This might be for several reasons:  1) you’re too busy to handle the claim yourself, 2) the issues are complex and you need help understanding why the Insurance Company and the Adjuster are responding a certain way, 3) you feel like you are being mistreated with the calculation of the cost of repairs, and so on.

Whatever the issue may be, it’s a smart idea to bring in the right professional to help you, and be prepared to pay a fair market price for that assistance.  We have connections in all the professional fields, and can happily refer you if necessary.  Lastly, the good news is that sometimes the help of professionals is covered by your insurance policy.  So all in all… If you feel like you are getting in over your head… Seek Help.

You need someone to offer you a balanced perspective on the rebuild process.

If you experience fire, smoke, or water damage of any kind (no matter if big or small), you need someone to offer you a balanced perspective on the rebuild process. This is what we try and offer, a different set of eyes. Do not expect the Preferred Contractor that accompanies your Insurance Adjuster to have your highest and best interests in mind. You need someone on your side. Sometimes having someone in your home court gives you the win.

As far as the Insurance Company’s Preferred Contractor versus us, we will most likely never agree on the value of reconstruction costs or the inherent danger in allowing Insurance Companies a monopoly on restoration construction through managed repair, direct repair, right to repair, and preferred vendors.

Well what does all this mean to you the Homeowner? It means everything. It can make all the difference in the world. There is much we CAN do for you. So try us out. It’s a new day. And we are ready to do whatever we can that is right, fair, and advantageous for you the Homeowner.

Not every natural disaster is covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

Most people do not realize that not every natural disaster is covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. The typical Homeowner’s Insurance Policy offers coverage for fires, lightning strikes, windstorms, and hail. Earthquakes and flooding are not typically covered.

As a Homeowner, you should discuss your options with your Insurance Agent. If you want to purchase earthquake or flood insurance and your Policy does not provide the coverage you need, you can inquire about a separate insurance policy that will cover your home and belongings.

Make a Home Inventory Worksheet

It’s important to know that your Homeowners Insurance Policy doesn’t just cover damage to your house (or dwelling) and other structures, but typically it also provides coverage for the personal belongings you have within it.  Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to maintain a track record of the monetary value associated with all your belongings.  And don’t wait until AFTER the fact to start good record-keeping.

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you have to make a list of every single item you own per sey, but it’s a great idea to create a home inventory, giving particular attention to items of high monetary or personal value. You should be prepared to report to your insurance agent the approximate value of any expensive belongings, jewelry, or valuable artwork (for example) that you own.  Depending on the value of those particular belongings, your insurance premiums may rise or fall, but at least you WILL have coverage available to you if this property gets stolen, damaged, or lost.  And starting a Home Inventory Worksheet is really easy (many blank forms available online for free) and can even be as simple as a spreadsheet.